Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Morning! :)

Well, I guess technically it's not that much of the morning anymore, since it's 10:30. But oh well, I'm just now getting ready for the day. Whether that means I'm lazy or I'm just enjoying my Winter break, I'm not sure, and it doesn't really matter, I guess! :)

Let's see.. my break has been pretty awesome so far, filled with family and friends and some guy. ;) But yeah, it's been so nice to be home and NOT in the freezing cold snowy weather. Hopefully by the time I have to go back in a few weeks the snow will have STOPPED. I don't need any more craaazzyy blizzards in my lifetime, unless it's going to cancel finals again! ;)

But anyways, I'm spending most of the next few days with my girlfriends! I'm so excited. Me and Elizabeth are supposed to go to the beach today, and then I think I get to hang out with my girls from school tonight! I'm pretty excited, I have missed them! :) Which is kinda silly because I live with them most of the time, but maybe that's WHY I missed them! So there's that..

Tomorrow I get to work with my dad, which could be cool or a nightmare haha. I guess we'll see. He's had a lot of pain with his back lately (poor guy.. it's so not like him to need help with ANYTHING) and wants me to go in with him to help him out. Then I plan on hanging out with Lindsey! :) I'm pretty excited for everything lately! haha

Then I'm spending New Years out at the desert with some friends! It should be a great time! :)

Well, no emotional stuff in this post, all is well! I hope this post finds you well too!

Tata for now!

Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm going to have it this New Year. I have just lost so much of myself over this past year, it's time to find ME again. I am getting fat and ugly and lonely and needy and I don't want that. It's time to be stronger, physically and mentally. I'm a strong woman and it's time to prove that to the world.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The word is 'Faithful' look it up. it don't mean sneaking around behind my back like you ain't getting enough The word is 'Easy' you better look it up and you'll see a picture of that piece of trash ridin' round in your pick-up truck

Thursday, December 3, 2009

God wants you to know..

you are not to shut love out of your life by saying it is impossible to find and keep. The quickest way to find love is to give love. If you want it too badly, you will not find it. The most secure way to keep love is to give it space and care to grow. If you hold it too tightly, you will lose it.

I really liked this one. <3

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i wonder if i made the wrong decision. i miss him and i love him. i guess i'll never know..

anyways. i have my exercise physiology lab final soon. i'm nervous but it's open notes so hopefully it will go well! then working tonight, which is good.. i need hours soo badly.. i'm soo broke it hurts! :(

anyways. i'm currently listening to dustin kensrue - "pistol". great song, you should listen to it!! can't wait for a guy to feel that way about me! yay..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello. It's a pretty bad day. What other way to express my bummed-ness than on my blog.

It's stupid so you should probably stop reading. But I'm just stuck. Really, really stuck. I'm trying to focus on friends and family, but honestly ALL my friends are finding REALLY great guys. They are all in strong, healthy relationships with guys who really care about them. It would be so much easier if I had my single, fun, crazy girlfriends around. But now.. it seems like everyone is finding happiness. I see them and I TRY sooo hard not to be jealous, to just be HAPPY for them.. but I just feel sad. It makes me sad. I want to be okay with being single, I AM okay with being single, but it's so hard to see everyone else soo happy and in love and know that I'm missing that love from my life.. :'(

I dunno what to do anymore.