Wednesday, October 29, 2008


super excited. :] hehehe trick or treat!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

One bad thing.

about living in a dorm room, and having a roommate.. is that you can't cry yourself to sleep without feeling like a complete idiot :(

Life on a Monday..

So, catching up here. :] I know, you have missed me, right? Just kidding, I don't think anyone even reads this besides me. And if you do, you should respond to my posts, cause I want people to read them! Haha. :] But I'm procrastinating on homework just so that I can update this, so you better enjoy it :]

Anywaysss... Life has been GOOD. I am in an oddly good mood today, and if you know me, you know that's seriously like.. not an every day thing. Haha. Just keeping up with school (or trying to) and working at the good ol' BR, where it seems like I am FINALLY making friends with the people who work there.. This owner is very nit-picky about saving money, so things are so much different than they were at my old BR.. plus our schedules are actually up two weeks in advance! OMG it's so nice! Hahaha. But today I just had classes and then went to work a little later, which was good good.

This last weekend was nice having the room to myself again. And I actually enjoyed my Friday spending time by myself, just reading and watching TV and doing random stuff like that, then on Saturday I went to the football game with Scott and Reese.. NAU lost horribly to Weber State.. and then ended up going to the ice hockey game with them too. It was my first time and I must say it is SO FUN!! Haha, I have never heard so much shit-talk in my whooole life. But we stand by the other teams goalie and basically haggle them the whole time, it was so so funny, not to mention that these girls next to us were so ridiculously drunk and screaming the funniest things.. hahaha. I love drunk people, they crack me up. But then I came home and went to bed because I got a headache from being so cold I think. Then Sunday I tried to watch the Charger game.. but it wasn't on TV here.. they played infomercials instead!! How annoying is that?! I mean, at least play SOME sort of football game!! Errr it was really frustrating. Then to top it off, all the washing machines were occupied after I lugged my laundry all the way down there to do it. Ugh! So I just basically sat around being unproductive until work.. Then went to bed after that. :] Good weekend stories, I know.

This week should go by fast though, I don't really have any big tests or assignments due, which is a nice break for once.. It seems like something is always due, like I always have something to stress about, so it's nice not to for once! :] Then this weekend I'm driving to Yuma to go to the desert to visit my daddy!! It should be fun because it's Halloween weekend.. which is basically the opening weekend for the desert so it should be pretty packed with lots of people! :] And hopefully I will be able to find my boyfriend out there so I can see him too and snag a few kisses ;]

But yep, that's all for now.
I guess it's about time I get my homework done.. :]
Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and The Hills tonight! Yay! :]

Monday, October 20, 2008

A good weekend..

is exactly what it was. on thursday night i went to phoenix to pick up my baby from the airport.. which was so awesome. :) ahh. i miss him so much!! anyways. i got there early, and waited a bit, then had to look all over for him because we got all mixed up about who was going to be where.. but it was amazing to finally see him again, he looked so good :) yay. so we drove back up to flagstaff, checked into the hotel and went to bed..

on friday i had a test in my stats class, which i actually feel pretty good about, which i'm glad about :) and i don't really rememeber what else we did, just hung out around flagstaff, we went to the mall and we both got new shoes.. and then hung out at my dorm, the hotel.. where he gave me the prettiest tiffanys necklace ever!!! ahhh!! i know right, im the luckiest girlfriend everrr i have the best boyfriend in the whole world that loves me SO much and i love soooo much too!!!...anyways. then we tried to go bowling, but that ended up not working, so me and brett and meliss just ended up getting ice cream haha. then watched a movie.. then passed out..again!!

then on sunday we went to the grand canyon!! it was sooo awesome!! i love love loved it and we both had such a good time!! it was my first time.. and we definitely made plans for the next time brett comes up that we want to go on a hike down there!! how fun would that be?! :) yayyy. anywaysss.. then just hung out again.. went to a movie..

then on sunday we attempted to watch the charger game at buffalo wild wings.. but you all know how that went haha. then we headed down to phoenix until it was time to say goodbye.. :(

aww.. doesnt really sound like the most fun weekend ever.. but that's just it.. we don't have to be doing all this crazy fun planned out stuff to have an AMAZING weekend. im so in love, guys!!! its crazy and i looove it.

i can sooo feel forever. :)

anyways. that's that.
now just looking forward to halloween weekend.. going to the desert!!! :)
and then home for thanksgiving!! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


going to pick up brett in phoenix tonight!!! yayyy :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Here's a question: Why...?

Okay, so tonight has been kind of hectic. I have been doing homework and studying since about 7:00, and then my boyfriend called and we talked and we talked.. and the topic of my schooling came up, and what i plan to do...

and like.. here is where my question comes into play. WHY does it have to be so hard for me to make a decision? WHY can't it just be laid out flat in front of me.. what will benefit me the most in the long run? which school will influence my future career in the best way.. which school would i be the happiest at? if i leave NAU will i regret it?! Whyyyy do the answers to these questions not exist!!! How come i couldn't be one of those kids who never had a doubt about what they were going to do.. it seems like even everyone i know at junior colleges have it all planned out SO much better than i do.. they know where they are going and what they want to do.. why can't that be the case for me? whyy does this all have to be so mind-boggling and confusing? why do my emotions have to go on the biggest rollercoaster over and over again, yet still getting no where? Im so so stuck lately, and im sick of having NO IDEA...literally NO STINKIN IDEA of what to do.. every pro balances out every con, and vice versa. im STUCK. how the hell am i supposed to make a decision? WHAT am i supposed to do?!!?!? I don't even know what will make me the happiest.. but then again i can't make a decision based only on right NOW... ughhh goodness gracious. Loooorrd help me!!!

but i know how blessed i am. i have the most amazing mother in the entire world, who can frustrate me to tears and then make me feel 100% better by the time i get off the phone, and i have a boyfriend who supports me and will stay by my side no matter what i do... and friends through it all. it's time to figure this out...

Friday, October 10, 2008

it's all adding up...

is how i feel lately. i don't know. this time a month ago, i was having SO much fun and just loving every aspect of everything. and i miss that. i'm seriously crying as i sit here writing this, because i don't know what happened.. somewhere along the way, that girl disappeared. i was so strong, and independent while still loving everyone in my life that means so much to me. and i mean, not that i don't love them.. but i feel like i'm sinking back into my hole. my mom just called me, and she was all talkative and stuff but for some reason i just was like.. blah. i couldn't really keep up a conversation with her.. i wasn't all happy and excited to hear from her or talk to her like i used to be. i don't know where the fun, happy, loves-everything tracy went. maybe it was all a hoax, i never really was that way.. and this is who i truly am.. just a lost little girl who is never really happy. :( i just want to be happy.. like.. in every sense of the word.. :(

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

dear tracy,

could you PLEASE just lose some weight?
you look disgusting, and could be way better.
k cool thanks.


it's been a while, huh?

my bad! i didn't realize how long it has been since i posted in here. i guess you could say i have been a little busy, but that would be a HUGE understatement!! since about three weeks ago, life has just been so absolutely and completely out of control. but not nessicarily in a bad way. and i know i spelled that wrong, but i can't figure out how to spell it right. whatever, haha. anyways..

my besties came two weeks ago and it was just SO much fun. i'm glad they finally got to make a trip up here like we have been talking about forever.. it was so so nice to see them and spend time with them.. i miss those girls so much! they are like my soulmates, seriously. so we had our fun, i got sick, haha.. classy right? whateverrr. drama happened, i'm so glad they were here with me through it all, it all got figured out though, so that's good. just parties and hanging out and having too too much fun with them!!! lindsey got a super cute tattoo and met a really creepy guy, and i don't remember much else about the weekend, but it was really, really good. :) pictures will be attatched at the bottom of this blogggg... :)

then this LAST weekend my mom, my sister, and my niece all came up to visit. and not to say that i didn't have fun with my girlies, because i DID, but it was nice to have a relaxing weekend after the previous one.. haha. we just hung out together, watched the charger game on sunday, and before i knew it they were gone :( but it was so nice to see them, i love and miss my family so much, now i just wish i could see my dad. but thanksgiving will be here before i know it, for sure..

which by the way i am SO excited for, because i have this amazing boyfriend who is going to go with me to my aunts!! :) it's going to be so much fun. everything with him by the way, is amazing. sure we have our moments, but not many of them, and we get them all figured out quickly. i trust him more than i ever have before, and it's been so so good between us, i can just feel this all beginning, its amazinggg.. looove him. anddd HE COMES IN ONE WEEK!!!!! yay i am so so sooo excited!!! and i think we are going to go to the grand canyon, and i have never been!! im soooo excited... yayyyy for finallyyyy getting hugs and kisses from the onlyyy guy i want them from anymore :) i love being in love.

other than that stuff, school is KILLING me. like, literally. i don't know how i even have time to write all of this. i really should be doing my statistics homework and reading for my ethnic studies class and studying for the threeee exams i have next week.

and as if school didn't keep me busy enough, im now working at the baskin robbins here in flagstaff, and i swear i work like every day of every week, but it seems like every day i actually get off, someone calls in sick and they need me to work.. blah!!!

anyways, life IS good.
love my friends
love my family
love my boyfriend. :)

peeeekchas attatched for your enjoyment.

us girls getting ready for the charger game at buffalo wild wings :)

matt & joes GIs and Hoes..

Fun night.. :)