Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring Break.

I go home in about two and a half weeks for Spring Break. I was so excited. I mean, I still am excited, it will be a nice break from the cold windy weather in Flagstaff, and hopefully I'll get to see all my girlies and my family, too. But today I found out that I'll hardly get to see my boyfriend. With him working every day until 5:00 pm, on Saturday, too. And the day he ISN'T working until 5, he goes to school until 8:30 pm. :( So the ONLY day he doesn't work is on Sunday, and yeah, you guessed it; I'm leaving that day to come back to Flagstaff. I like can't snap out of this bummed out mood right now. :( I really really really hate this. It sucks so so bad. :(

I mean, I know Spring Break will still be fun, and it's not like I DON'T get to see him at all, it's just really really sucky that I will hardly get to see the love of my life.. until Summer really. :(

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Don't bother reading this..

it's just me complaining. you know you're getting fat when clothes that seriously fell off of you when you bought them.. FIT you now. like seriously? fuck my liiife. :( i ate a nice big kids meal tonight from burger king because it was definitely my last gross meal. i'm done. seriously. summer is coming up and i want to look CUTE and skinny. i wanna have skinny freaking legs that look cute in shorts. like seriously, we're going back to junior year status tomorrow. going to go grocery shopping after work. fsjdoijogijsdf GAHHHHHHH its killing me. i am seriously just so so so disgusted with myself that i let it get to this point. well.. good news.. it's all going to change... new & improved tracy..coming soon!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where I am Today.

I'm seriously so grateful for the people I have in my life. I feel like we are all growing up, and doing so seperately, but I honestly know that my girls will always be there, eventually it's going to be so fun to catch up again someday when we all are married with kids.. :)

Anyways. That's not really what this post is supposed to be about. I know it's cheesy, but I have an AMAZING boyfriend. He honestly wants nothing but to see me happy. It's ridiculous how much he cares for me. I'm happy that I ended up here. Especially today. I won't go into exact reasons WHY today especially made me thankful for Brett, but it definitely did. Brett is an amazing person and I'm totally in love with him, can't wait to see where life takes us. ♥ :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day Weekend : Recap

I know I'm probably only saying this and feeling this way because I just left TODAY.. But I HATE this whole long-distance relationship thing. It's absolutely TERRIBLE. I'm so completely in love and i hate having to leave. i hate that 8 hour drive home more and more every time, but i do it because if i didn't i wouldn't see the man i love nearly enough. it's so annoying that it's something i have to do. i know i have to go to school here, and i know that NAU is the right school for my education, but i MISS him. it sucks to have to leave. i know he loves me and i know it's going to all work out, but that doesn't make it any easier. it's still hard to leave and it's hard to be without him..


Valentines day weekend. it was good. :). i went home on thursday && we did my birthday with my family and then brett worked on friday & we went out to dinner on friday night and hung out afterwards.. then went to bed and on saturday we ran around doing different things and then went to supercross, which was super fun, more fun than the phoenix one.. and then hung out more and then sunday we hung out and stuff and it was honestly amazing just to spend so much time with brett. he really makes me so happy, we can honestly be ourselves around each other and have the greatest time. its awesome. we got to see both of our families a lot, which is nice, i am loving his fam more and more! :) then i had to do that sucky goodbye-thing this morning. it never gets easier. ever. i hate it.

anyways. the drive home was pretty terrible. not as bad as it coulda been. it rained through the mountains near home, then was clear the rest of the way. nice not to have snow like i thought i was going to have to drive through. and now i'm back here.

i'm starving and i have no food in my room :( sad. i guess i'll just go to bed now haha.

see ya'll later!

Monday, February 9, 2009


WHY does everyone love it? I happen to hate it. The snow SUCKS. It's inconvienent. And it's even more so inconvienient because I am leaving on Thursday. I almost wrote "supposed to be leaving on Thursday" but that's not true because there is no way that I'm not going home this weekend. I'm going home to spend Valentines day with my boyfriend, and I'm not giving that up. WHY the hell did it have to snow?! Seriously... I'm like about to break down in tears because I am so frustrated. We all know I'm a California girl, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IN THE FREAKING SNOW!!!! I'm really really nervous about it and I don't even know how to put chains on either. What the hell am I supposed to do? I wish I didn't have to drive alone. I won't be comfortable again until I'm BACK in Flagstaff next Monday. :-( Pray for me pleaseee..

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy February!!

:-) I like February.. because it's my birthday month.. AND because it is a nice short month.. it goes by fast.. which makes it seem like we're getting somewhere.. it will be March before we know it! :-) Woo!! Anyways, let me catch you all up.

Me & Brett got back together. I know, you all think I'm crazy.. but WE'RE crazy. (about each other!) .. haha that's cheesy, but it's true!! I won't go into details about it, but now you know. Anyways, we went to the desert this weekend. It was my first time going with him and we had so much fun! :-) I love watching him ride the dunes, he's pretty dang good! But other than that, we just hung out with everyone.. My daddy surprised me with a cake for my birthday, the whole camp singing happy birthday, so that was nice!!

Me & the girls are doing good again- sometimes you just have to accept that other people are just busy && that doesn't really change your friendship.. but we both decided to try harder, at least a little bit, to stay in touch!! Which is awesome! Because I miss those girls like crazy while I'm at school!!

Anywaysss.. Other than those updates, life has been BUSY!!! REALLY REALLY super super super stinkin' busy. EVERY week. it doesn't slow down. It REALLY doesn't. I'm seriously going crazy, but I think in reality I'm actually starting to get used to it, which is nice..

Like today. I woke up, and I went to class, then got a bagel (which I still haven't eaten haha) and then now I have to do homework until I go to work at 1, and I get off at 6 and I have to do laundry and maybe go to target, but I have SO much homework!! Seriously.. Two tests this week on Thursday (my birthday..sad!!) && two physics assignments due before then, && two quizzes in my labs tomorrow.. I'm going crazy!!

Dazed & Crazed,