Saturday, November 29, 2008

being home is amazing, and i am loving every second of it, i'm sad to have to go back to flagstaff tomorrow, but i come back in like a week and a half for winter break :) but anyways, just a quick update i guess, i hope everyone had a greattt thanksgiving!! i did, and the weather outside is AMAZING.. i can't wait for my boyfriend to get home so we can go do something outdoorsy. until then, im doing homework! lame!!

love ya'll.

more updated post later. bye!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am SO happy to finally be home! :]

The drive here wasn't too bad, it sprinkled off and on, but never really all that bad. There were no slow drivers until, of course, I got off on the exit to go home!! AHHH this guy was driving me crazy!!! Oh well, I made it :]

So me and my mom stopped by Jaime's last night, chatted with her a little bit, then we went to Barbeque Pit for dinner! :] Mmmm so delicious!! Then of course, had to go to Baskin Robbins so I could drop of a note begging Julie to let me work over Winter Break!! Then we came home and Brett came over for the night :] Ah it is so nice to be with him again. I love that guy!! Then he left for work early this morning.. and I went back to sleep.. and then he called at like 7:30 telling me to come outside.. HA! I guess his jobsite was closed so he got to come back and hang out with me some more! :] It was nice. We slept a little longer and my dad made us some egg sandwhiches that were really yummy, and we all hung out a little bit and then Brett just went to pick up Chris and they're headed out to the desert for the weekend.. But luckily he is coming home on Saturday so we can hang out a little more :] But... so now I'm supposed to be getting ready for the day so that I can go to Rubios for lunch with my momma.. and get my eyebrows waxed, and my hair done a little later, and thennn I'm hanging out with the girls!!! OMG it has been SO long since all of us hung out without any tension, it's going to be so fun I just know it!! I'm sooo excited to catch up with them all!!!

Then tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has an amazing one!!! :]

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good Morning!

Usually, I am not a morning person. But todayyy, I AM STOKED ON LIFE!!! Haha, I'm going to my chemistry class and then I'm GOING HOME!!!! :] :] :] Omg I am SO excited!!! :]

As soon as I get there I'm gonna hang out with my parentals a little bit and then meet up with Lindsey and I decided that I'm gonna make her go get some good Mexican food with me because it's been SO long since I've had any (AND it's been SO long since I've seen HER!! Hahaha.. love you linds) !! Then Brett should be out of school and he's gonna come stay the night at my house :] Yayyy I missed him!! Even though it's only been like 2 weeks since I saw him last haha. OH well I still miss him! Anyways..

AND Wednesday I'm getting my hair done and you have NO idea how happy THAT makes me!!!

And spending Thanksgiving with the family!! I have missed them so much, I love the holidays for bringing us all back together. And Christmas should be even better!! My brother and Blanca will be down and that means more babies!! :] I looove my little nephew and nieces!!

Anyways, I'm off to class!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lyrics again..

Haha, so I know these posts are probably the most boring things EVER. But honestly, this song is sooo me. Haha, I LOVE it.

She was in the backyard, say it was a little past nine
When her prince pulled up, a white pickup truck
Her folks should of seen it comin' it was only just a matter of time
Plenty old enough, and you can't stop love.

She stuck a note on the screen door "Sorry but I got to go"
That was all she wrote, her mama's heart was broke
That was all she wrote, so the story goes

Now her daddy's in the kitchen starin' out the window, scratchin' and a rackin' his brains
How could 18 years just up'n and walk away?
Our little pony-tail girl grown up to be a woman
Now she's gone in the blink of an eye
She left the suds in the bucket and the clothes hangin' out on the line

Now don't you wonder what the preacher's gonna preach about sunday mornin'
Nothing quite like this has happened here before
Well he must have been a looker, a smooth talkin' son of a gun
For such a grounded girl to just up and run
Course you can't fence time, and you can't stop love

Now all the biddies in the beauty shop gossip goin' non stop Sippin on pink lemonade
How could 18 years just up'n and walk away?
Our little pony-tail girl grown up to be a woman
Now she's gone in the blink of an eye
She left the suds in the bucket and the clothes hangin' out on the line


She's got her pretty little bare feet hangin' out the window
And they're headin up to Vegas tonight
How could 18 years just up'n walk away?
Our little pony-tail girl grown up to be a woman
Now she's gone in the blink of an eye
She left the suds in the bucket and the clothes hangin' out on the line
She left the suds in the bucket and the clothes hangin' out on the line

She was in the backyard, say it was a little past nine
When her prince pulled up, a white pick up truck
Plenty old enough, and you can't stop love
No you can't fence time, and you can't stop love-

Hahaha. I just LOVE it! The whole, "white pick-up truck" thing is just TOO perfect, and that's exactly how it all happened for me!! :] and my poor parents.. its real love this time and i was even 18 when i fell in love with my amazing boyfriend!! haha. it's all too too funny.

Suds in the Bucket- Sara Evans :]

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Really Good Song.

So true, it really touches me.

"I Get To" by Blue County.

They used to make me go to church
clip-on tie, starchy shirt
I never heard the preachers words
all scrouched down in that pew
these days goin' to church
is somethin' I don't have to do
I get to

I used to have to hang with dad
wash his car and cut the grass
it took all day and I hated that
till his heart attack last June
these days helpin' dad I don't have to do
I get to
I get to

I get to wake up early
I get to go to work
I get to make an honest living
put my hands down in the dirt
I get to hear grandma complain about all her
little aches and pain
I get to rock my baby girl to sleep
spend my weekends coaching little league
there's a lot of things I don't have to do
I get to

I used to have to say those words
you always seemed to say em first
but I dreamt one night you'd left this earth
and I woke up and reached for you
now I realized I don't have to say I love you
I get to
oh baby, I get to

I get to wake up early
and I get to go to work
I get to make an honest living
and put my hands down in the dirt
I get to hear grandma complain
about all her little aches and pain
I get to rock my baby girl to sleep
spend my weekends coaching little league
there's a lot of things I don't have to do
oh there's a lot of things I don't have to do
I get to
I get to

I get to wake up early
and I get to go to work
there's a lot of things I don't have to do
I get to
I get to rock my baby
and I get to help my dad
there's a lot of things I don't have to do
I get to

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Too many posts,

I know and I'm sorry. Kind of. Haha. :] Anyways, I just wanted to say. The only person who can create happiness for me, is me. And I never want to forget that again. Life is good, thanks to me. Everyone else is amazing as well, but I control my happiness :]


Friday, November 21, 2008


I really miss having a life. It's a Friday night, and I'm in my room, spending the night laying in bed reading my book. It's only two and a half more years.. Then I can be with my family and my friends again. I can do this.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random post.

I honestly just have nothing better to do right now. Well, no that's a lie. I could be getting ahead on schoolwork, and doing my anatomy lab drawings, but I just really don't feel like it. I am the least artistic person everrr.. and I have SO many drawings to do. But I'm retaking the class again next semester anyways, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

I wish more people would make blogs. I love reading people's blogs. Yeah, I'm a creeper, but they update them so people will read them, right? I mean, I would love for my friends to post like I do! Most of them claim they are "too busy" or their lives aren't interesting enough. How not true! Everyone's lives are interesting. Who is to say mine IS and your's ISN'T? Haha, mine is farrr from interesting, that's for sure. But writing in my blog is seriously addicting, I love it! And changing the layout! I really like this one, I think I'll keep it for a while. I liked the whole like, fall-themed one I had on here before, but it wasn't very "me". Haha.

So today.
I woke up and got ready for the day leisurely and then I went to target to refill my prescription.. and then I got back and hung up my Charger blanket over my window above my bed. It looks awesome! :] And Melissa is going to put up her Broncos blanket over her window. I think it will add a lot of flavor to our room. :] Which really needs to be cleaned, by the way. Maybe that's what I'll do tonight. Melissa is at the library, so I wouldn't be bothering her with my crazy cleaning personality. Haha. Then I went to lunch at the Union with Melissa and Maurice, and it was really really good food, they were having like a Thanksgiving dinner-type lunch! Mm, I had some turkey and ham and stuffing and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole! Yum! My favorite! Then me and Melissa went to the library and myspace-d until classtime. Then I had my anatomy lecture, which was SO boring. I hate that class soo much, my professor talks way too fast it's absolutely impossible to get any time-worthy notes! Except that he ended class by saying "Well, we could start on sex, but you guys get outta here, have a good weekend!" Haha he's sooo weird. Then I came back here and laid in bed for a while because I have super bad cramps, then Melissa convinced me to go to Pita Pit with her.. that place is SOO delicious!! Mmmmmm.. But yep, and now here I am, procrastinating on schoolwork.

I think I'll start cleaning.. :] and turn on some good ol' country music while I do. :] :]

Monday, November 17, 2008

Things to work on.

-being genuinely happy.
-being genuinely happy for others.
-not worrying so much.
-getting rid of my trust issues.
-loving more.
-get better grades.

my trust issues are killing my relationship. i have the most amazing and loving boyfriend ever, yet i still question him. i don't know why. i wish i didn't. i need to talk to someone. blah.

anyways. yeah.


I don't know why but lately I have just felt SO productive! Like, I really really want to be doing well in school, so I've been trying a lot harder, and it's obviously paying off! I got a 97% on my Statistics test, and a 100% on my chemistry quiz from last week!! What a great day today has been so far :]

So, one more exam.. and then we're at a straight shot for next Tuesday when I get to go home!! Yay!!! :] I'm soo excited.

Anyways, not much to post about.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Update.

Not much to update about. This week was busy, a lot of classes and homework and working. The working part is good, I definitely needed the hours since I couldn't work all of last week thanks to being sick with a fantastic virus. Anyways, so that's all that's new really.

Besides the fact that for some reason, last night, I made the decision to stay at NAU all four years. I had been talking about transferring, and I was really hopeful that I would follow through with it, and I had been telling Brett I would look into it, so I finally did, and I realized that those other schools just weren't for me. I think there is a reason bigger than myself that I ended up here at NAU. I'm used to the campus, and the way the classes are run, and how study sessions are used to my advantage, where all the buildings are.. I think it would just be a burden for me to move home and have to figure out all that stuff all over again. Not to mention, being in Flagstaff really sucks, and I hate it, which kind of forces me to get my work done and really focus 100% on school. If I were at home I would have the temptations of all the great San Diego things, plus the fact that I would live closer to my friends, family and boyfriend.. So I think that being at NAU is the best idea for me for the next two and a half years.

The sucky part was telling Brett. I cried, a lot; and explained to him that I understood if he wanted to break up, or move on, because I can understand if he didn't want to do the long distance thing for such a long time. But he is an AMAZING boyfriend, and said he would never want to break up, and that we can do this.. that I'm almost halfway done with school. It's honestly crazy knowing that someone loves me this much. Like, honestly, it doesn't make sense. I don't understand WHY he would chose to stay in this relationship with me when I made the decision to stay 500 miles away for two more years. But it's amazing and I don't know what I would do or who I would be without him.

I love that I have an amazing family and boyfriend who completely support me no matter what hard decisions I make.

I thank God every day for gifts like them in my life.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm on a roll this month...

with my number of posts! I have been updating like crazy, I know! I wish I knew who was reading this haha. Leave me a comment with your name! :] Anywayss..

IT IS SNOWING RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Snowing!!!! AND STICKING!! Ah!!! It's so crazy!! It IS fun and exciting but at the same time I hope it stops within this next week becauseee I don't like driving in the snow and I gotta leave TWICE.. for thanksgiving and winter break too.. ahh.

but I can't believe it's really snowing!!

haha ok that's all i guess? i gotta study for a statistics exam i have in the morning..


Friday, November 7, 2008

Money Problems.

Money creates the worst problems. No, money doesn't equal happiness, but it sure helps. I'm so money stressed right now it's ridiculous. Like, everything costs money. Obviously. But like, I'm broke, so there isn't anything I can do? Seriously though, like what is there to do when you're broke? You can't go to the movies, you can't buy a book to read, you can't DRIVE anywhere to go hang out with you friends. You can't even eat decent food without spending money. So here I am, stuck on campus, in my room, eating school food, being bored, and not spending money. And the thing is, I'm not even stressed about that. It's the fact that Christmas is coming up, and I'm not going to have any money to buy the people I love decent Christmas presents :( Poop. I know people understand, because I'm a broke college student, but it still sucks. Lots.

Everything should just be free for college students. Ok, not free, that's pushing it. But cheaper? :(

Blahhhh. That's all.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life is LAME Right Now...

So I woke up feeling like crap for about the fourth day in a row, so I decided to head to the on-campus health center. They checked me out and decided that I have a nice little virus. Well, that SUCKS. In case you didn't know, there is NOTHING they can do about a virus, you just have to let your body deal with it. WOO freakin HOO. :( Although, the nice lady DID give me a cough syrup to take before bed that has codiene in it so it should knock me right out, which I am SO thankful for, because these last few nights have been hell, waking up and coughing so often.

Anyways, on another, happier note.. the lineup for Stagecoach this year was announced. And it's AMAZING!!! I might venture to say that it's one of the best ones yet! And it's only the third year, but still! I thought it couldn't ever get any better than the previous years but it did...


and that's only the one's that I've heard of! It's going to be SO MUCH FUN!!! Tickets are only $99 for Saturday AND Sunday. My mom already booked our hotel room!! :] Ahhh I'm so stoked!!! April 25th is way too far away!!!

Anyways, you should all go. It's a GOOD time :] Nothin beats a bunch of country folk sittin around listening to awesome music and daaancin and singing and eatin good barbeque and yummy fruit drinks and alcohol toooooo!!

woo!!! k bye :]

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Night.

First of all, life is so good :] I went home this weekend, definitely a last minute decision. I was supposed to go to the desert with my daddy and his friends, and see my boyfriend while I was there too. Then when Brett called me and told me that he and his family weren't going anymore, I was super bummed. Then my dad told me that THEY weren't going to be able to go either. At the time I was devistated because I really really needed to get out of Flagstaff, I had been here WAY too long. So I called Brett and cried to him (he's such a good guy haha) and he decided that I should just come home for the weekend!! A BRILLIANT idea!!! So I decided to surprise my parents, because I knew that they would try to talk me out of it if I told them.

I drove down on Thursday afternoon and stayed with Brett for the night, and then hung out with him all day on Friday, which was Halloween, we went shopping for my costume for that night and just spent time together, which was fun like always. And then it came time to go surprise my mom, which was AWESOME!! Such a better surprise than I was expecting. She was SO excited, it made me SO happy!! :] Props to Brett for coming up with the plan, I'm sure my mom gave him mucho brownie points for bringing her baby girl home :] Then me and Brett had to take off to go to Chris's to get ready for a Halloween party at Kera's grandparents, which turned out being SO much fun! :] So many random people showed up, it was crazy to see people from high school like that. And I also ran into a girl from my work, Erin! Haha so random, we all had such a good time. :] Then me and Brett came home and went to bed, because my mom was making us wake up early the next morning to go to breakfast with the gym moms, which was fun, I'm surprised Brett went with us, and that he survived! :] Then we took a nice nap after that, then went shopping for a present for Brin, Brett's sister, birthday. Then we went to a barbeque with my family until we had to leave for Brin's birthday dinner, which was so much fun! I'm having a blast getting to know Brett's family and friends, it's going great!! :] Then we all went miniature golfing which was super fun as well, and then home for bedtime because I had to drive back to Flagstaff on Sunday morning :( So after another emotional goodbye (I don't think I'll ever be good at those..) I was on my way back to Flagstaff.

When I got here I realized I was SUPER sick! It's so sucky! I have a pretty bad cold, a nice cough :] So today I went to my classes and called in sick to work (I didn't think that anyone wanted a coughing girl serving them their ice cream) and slept for about four hours, thennn relaxed some more and did some homework, then now I'm working on a study guide for my Bio 202 exam on Thursday. Although, I'm failing the class anyways, so there's really no point in studying. This professor is crazy and doesn't really understand that we're NOT grad students, and we don't know everything prior to him teaching us!! UGH!!! Haha. Whatever.

I'm going to end this one on a good note.
Have a good week, everyone!! :]