Monday, March 30, 2009

I only ever use this thing to complain..

No, i love my life. I really, really do. Just in case you read this and think that I don't. Haha. I do. I love my life.

But anyways, on to the complaining:

I'm so sick of FAKE friends. If you're going to ditch me for a party, just tell me the truth. Yeah, I'll be mad, but I'm more mad that you lied about it, after we had been planning on hanging out for a few days. OH and gee, other friend, THANKS for inviting me to go to a party with you, and oh my gosh you even offered to drive. Too bad I'm not STUPID and I know you only did that because you don't have a car here, and you knew it would be rude to ask me to take you to a party. I'M NOT STUPID!!! Gosh people. I thought, coming into college, that I would make at least ONE good friend. Ok, so I did. Melissa is the best roommate and a pretty awesome friend. It's just that I expected so much more, a better place. But EVERYONE is so freaking two-faced, and I miss my real best friends from home. WHATEVER.

&& I'm still SICK of this cold weather. it's 36 right now. yep, seriously.. wow. hate my life. haha. no i don't but you know what i mean.

Anyways, stagecoach is in 25 days :) I'm SOOOOOOOO excited!!! My loverbutt actually surprised me and followed through with getting a ticket and so he's going too!! YAY i'm SO excited about that!! and on top of that, my bestie foreverrr got her ticket too!! so we're all going to have so much fun!! YAY!!

now, just like 4 exams to get through before that.. && a few huge assignments.. and work.. no big deal.. ha.

peace out kids ♥

Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey, soo it's been a while since I updated- I was too busy having fun on my BUSY spring break to really write in here-

I had a fantastic spring break, really busy trying to see everyone but i did my best and ended up having a ton of fun!! spent a lot of time with the boy, which was nice and definitely needed. i'm so in love with him!! he's amazing to me. :) and my friends are so so much fun, i'm glad that we haven't all changed much.. well thats not true.. but we all still have so much fun hanging out together :)

hmm let's see. i never remember what to write about in here. this week at school has been kind of weird- i don't have any exams to really study for right now.. and i feel kinda weird with nothing to do.. but then if i think about it i have a LOT to do.. i really need to find a job for summer.. i think i'm going to apply at the gym at the YMCA.. or work at project safe maybe? I don't know. either would be fun. :) buttttt thinking about it stresses me out!! haha.

OH AND!! i remember what i can complain about. I'M SICK OF THIS COLD WEATHER!!!!!!!! IT'S FREAKING FREEZING HERE STILL!!! NO I'M SERIOUS!! IT'S FREAKING 24 OUT. I'm definitely a california girl- i HATE the cold weather. it's super super annoying. i'm so freaking over it. it better warm up here soon- i don't know how much longer i can take this..

anyways.. i guess i'm gonna have to find something to do now :) haha. bye guys

Friday, March 13, 2009


Spring Break started today for me! I went to class, then worked, then packed, and then now here I am, writing about how happy I am :)

Tomorrow: drive home, go to Davids Bridal with my mom to try on the dress for Amy's wedding :) (wish I could go with you & the rest of the girls, Ames!!)
Sunday: hang out with the boy all day (since it's his only day off work while I'm home) && go to dinner with his dad & Joann that night..
Monday: Lunch with my wonderful sister & grandma :) && Then I forget, probably hanging out with the boy after he gets off..
Tuesday: Beach day with the girls!! Then meeting Brett for dinner between his work & school..
Wednesday: Going to Body Worlds with my Mom!!! SO EXCITED!! && then laying out and going out to dinner with the girls, Then hanging out with my mom that night, watching LOST and stuff :)
Thursday: Laying out during the day, relaxing, then doing surprise stuff, then watching my daddy & my loverbutt play softball :)
Friday: laying out during the day, then getting dressed up and going out for a fancy dinner with my babe :) then probably hanging out the rest of the night..
Saturday: laying out againnn, then hanging out with the boy when he gets off work, going to his nieces birthday party?
Sunday: driving back to flagstaff && working that night. :(

SO EXCITEDDD it's going to be a very busy but very funnn spring break!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I feel summer creepin in.. & I'm tired of this town, again..

♥ Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.. I'm in LOVE with this song lately!! I feel my hippy side coming out lately, for sure. Maybe Flagstaff is finally starting to influence me, hahaha.

Anyways, all my exams are FINALLY over!!
Bio 182: 80%
Psych 101: 86 %
Physics: 61%
Bio 202: i don't know yet..

I'm kinda frustrated with the grades because I studied SO HARD for all of these exams.. but I guess they aren't TOO bad. I know the physics one looks bad, but the class average was a 50%.. so there's that.. and our professor might have made an error when making the scantron key, so that might have something to do with that too.. && I hope I did good on my anatomy & physiology test!!! Anywayss...

Nowwww ALL MY EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!! YAY!!! Spring Break, here I come!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

March 6th.

Hey there. So, this week was a suuuuper stressful one, and I'm glad it's over! I had threeee exams. SO crazy, right? a biology one, a physics one (impossibly hard!) and a psychology one. I studied SO hard so I can actually get a decent GPA in my classes this semester.. i really really want to. haha. so just one test left until spring break.. it's my anatomy and physiology one. i hope it goes okay. i'm kinda nervous about it. even though it's my 2nd time taking the class.. the last guy was so bad that it kinda seems like it's my first time learning all this haha. soooo my weekend will be consumed with studying for that and working. how exciting, right?!

anyways.. what else is new.
...still homesick. but SB is in like a week, so that's good. this weekend is brett's birthday & i wish i could be there with him.. it's super hard but i'm coping..

umm.. yeah i dunno, life is pretty boring. i've been trying to eat healthy and walk more places than i drive.. doesn't seem to be working.. oh well.. and trying to be nicer to anyone and everyone.. cause everyone likes nice people and umm and yeah i guess that's it.