Friday, January 15, 2010

Week One. Done.

Well, the first week back in Flagstaff is over. Well kinda. I mean I haven't been here for a week yet, but the first week of classes is finished. I survived! Well kinda, I battled a nasty bout of the 24 hour flu a few days ago, and had to miss 2 days of classes.. so I'm a little behind, but I have made it to all of my classes and let me tell you.. it is NOT going to be an easy semester.. I'm taking Organic Chemistry (which has already gone WAY over my head and we are just supposed to be reviewing!) and the second semester of physics.. which also is already wayy too much for me.. and an online English class.. which is going to have a lot of work! AND Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology.. which hopefully won't be TOO hard, I have such a heavy load this semester! :( But hopefully it will still be good & I can still have fun.

Good wishes to you all! :)

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